This is my Joburg

A golden opportunity

The city that will swallow you up and spit you out. Eat or be eaten. Even the number plates stand for Gangers Paradise. But from the perspective from white middle-class suburbia it seems pretty safe. Maybe not for you flat screen or a Fortuna but detach yourself from materialism for a second. Nothing life threatening. Mexico actually hosts the most dangerous city in the world.

If you live here you spend a lot of time at the mall. Brands are important. Commercial isn’t shunned. The differences between the poles are incredible i.e. North vs South, East vs West. The province feels more South African and very original ZAR. Makes you feel the need to buy a rugby ball and a springbok jacket. The reef generates memories of chilly winters visiting family and the team you don’t want to play netball against.

There’s the city of gold perspective. A true undercurrent of “The Hustle” exists. A give a guy a pickaxe and a plot attitude. Always be on the lookout for a business opportunity, a side deal and a three for two special at Dischem. Egoli is vibe not just a tv-series you watched with your gran after homework. Gauteng has 30 something percent of the South African economy and 5.5 million souls. Sandton is the de facto corporate capital; the richest mile in Africa. Soweto is a city within the city. Downtown Joburg has a lot crime stats. Social life here is a type of fishing. You have to get to know the place.