Middle Africa

At first I thought the aircraft steward was speaking in tongues. Swahili is a mythical. ancient language of the open plains. The type of language spoken by a saviour hovering over you with water in the heat in the Masa Mara after being lost for weeks in dust.

Kenya is the land of the great migration. Of flamingo’s and wildebeest and workers and colours and cultures and languages crossing territories and plains. The Great Rift Valley is our first destination. A 6000 KM vein of rich nature. East Africa. Java Nirvana. I’m still trying to find it on google maps. And why the heck did I take so much equipment.

Buntu, Arab, British and dozens of other cultures have made their marks on this landscape through empires and architecture. The experience of the Karen Bliksem Camp was just like out of the novel. Alongside two-tone kitted guides with “waterhole eyes” we track down a pride of lion. The guide reminds me, “The flowers Andrew the flowers”.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is like taxi rank. Dodging Boeings to find the passport control. Americans importing more gospel. Germans importing more khaki. Signs and names swarm to welcome us. A framed President Emilio Mwai Kibaki watches us on every wall.

Kenya is a country where David Attenborough is always in fashion. The first day shooting I feel like I’m on the set of Lion King with giraffe, elephant and agency creative people crossing frame. Waking up after 3 hours sleep in this country is eyewateringly beautiful. Mombasa’s breezes, hidden cafe’s and seaside history is the parting memory.

Thank you to Brand Halo for an awesome shoot.

Client: Central Bank of Kenya