Windhoek have been doing some amazing collaborations with local designers as part of the Pure Beer Society marketing done by the Jupiter Drawing Room and InHouse Architects and I was lucky enough to be asked along to shoot and document the work for their campaign. Jupiter and the InHouse Design teams developed a new look and feel for bars and taverns which were re-launched with branded merchandise and furniture created by local artisans James Mudge, Ryan Matchett and Jared Odell.

The designers materials were specifically selected for authenticity and quality and the transformation of each venue was about staying true to Windhoeks Philosophy: 100% real. Crafted to the highest standards. The project even won a Silver Loerie for Communication design.

Jupiter Drawing Room:
Executive Creative Director: Ross Chowles
Creative Director Design: Joanne Thomas
Creative Group Head: Andrew Lang
Designer: Alex Hayn
Copywriter: Gugulethu Hlekwayo
Production: Julie Gardenier
Inhouse Brand Architects:
Creative Director: Aidan Hart
Senior Interior Designer: Cara Siegers
Designer: Michael Kieck
Furniture Designers: James Mudge, Ryan Matchett, Jared Odell
Illustrators: Brandt Botes and Simon Bernt