The House of Machines


The House of Machines

I had a quick coffee with Drew, the founder of The House of Machines, a week before his next scheduled New York Trip. I was talking to him about how the brand should document their research process as part of their marketing. A few days later I got an email with tickets and Drew had invited me along with the other THoM partners, brand consultant Brad Armitage and fashion designer Paul van Der Spuy, to what would prove to be a research trip on steroids.  
We hit Manhattan running with Drew setting an intense pace. Coffee shop after coffee shop. Bar after bar. Awesome followed by amazing followed by mind @#*!. At times I felt it was a bit overwhelming and wanted to kick the curb out of frustration. Please. Stop. Too Much. Cool Stuff. New York was a bit like having a Power & Glory on every corner, a Jason Bakery on ever side street, 12 &Unions in walkable distance and a Bree Street to the power of 47 Avenues.
Seeing the sophistication of design and retailing in New York left quite a big impression on me. Often we’d come back to our lower east side apartment and I’d pull out a macbook, open illustrator and sketch together some logos ideas and designs for the Brand. This is the logo I designed for THoM while we were in New York, high on sleeplessness and craft beers.

The House of Machines have managed to successfully import a lot of great retail ideas and style from the best of the US scene into one destination and it’s been lapped up by the local crowd, fast becoming one of the most successful new spots in Cape Town. 

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