The Edge


After returning from Dubai where I was working in destination marketing and property branding, I decided to start Bree Street as a personal project. It’s become a very successful brand so I started with a new challenge to market the area I live in town. At the moment it has no real identity, it’s just called ‘Lower Gardens’. So I started to call it the Edge, since we’re on the Edge of the CBD, and we’re also right next to another area of the east city called the Fringe. 

The Edge kitchen knife logo I design was inspired by the feeling of walking around the neighbourhood at night. Slightly nerve-racking at times. 

Instead of the normal hipster, crafted lens that I used on Bree Street, the Edge investigates the ideas around things I see in my environment everyday. The homeless, the dodgy bars, the magpie of historic and new architecture. It’s a beautiful area with a lot of history, galleries and interesting locals. 

I’m hoping to position The Edge as the arts district in the city bowl. Judging by the pace of inner city regeneration in Cape Town at the moment, I don’t think it will be long till it’s established as a new destination brand. 

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