Project 27


Project 27

I met the stylist, Antoinette Degens, while on a shoot and we started talking bout a new faces project I was doing. I had a file of black and white references that I had been carefully curating over the last few months and it was a summary of the simple style and direction I wanted to go with my portraits. Hardly any make up. Pure and simple lighting. Interesting new faces. Antoinette spent the last 8 years as Senior Fashion Editor of the Dutch ELLE in Amsterdam and had recently moved back to Cape Town. We started chatting about shooting some cool ideas we could shoot together, and since we both have our birthdays on the 27th, it made a perfect sense use it as our project name. We shot most of the work in Heaven, my studio in gardens. 
Antoinette had sourced a lot of the styling from second hand shops and the items often bordering on the derelict (zoolander reference intended) and and liked little quirks, like a single earring here, a messy eyebrow there. It’s been a great collaboration.  
Dominique from Boss Cape Town.
Laura from Outlaws.
Katya from Outlaws.
Meije from Ice Models.
Disclaimer: Meije and Katya I shot without Antionette, just with models own clothes. Just thought I’d add them anyway. 

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