Biker Portraits


Biker Portraits

Scott Pringle
So far owning a bike is an automatic introduction to a lot of interesting co characters. I guess you lear that the little nod on the road while passing another biker means a lot. Fellow warriors. I met a few interesting characters along this journey of motorbike owning so I decided to start shooting portraits of some of them. 
We had a few beers and I shot some pictures of them in Heaven and afterwards did a short interview about bikes and rides. 

‘I’ve got pieces of a 1981 BMW R100. It’s not much of a bike at the moment. I’ve always had a love for vintage things and wanted a bike but thought I’d kill myself if I got one. Eventually I bought the BMW. It’s my first bike and it’s the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done.’ – Scott Pringle / @Scottypippin

‘Every bike I’ve ever owned has its own personality and puts a different type of smile on your face. I used to live in Franschhoek and did the pass virtually every day, sometimes twice a day. On winter evenings the roads are bone dry. You push the limits on every corner and there’s absolutely no room for error. That’s probably when I’m at my happiest.’ – Steven Pitt from @losmuertosmc


Steve Pitt

I was 5-6 years old. my uncle came home with a green CB350. I think it was ’74. I was 5-6 years old. I can’t remember ever wanting something that bad. – steve pitt

Giovanni Colle
Steven Pitt

‘When I was living in Llandudno my favourite ride was from the City to Llandudno. Now that I live in Clifton it’s Kloof down to Glen. So my favourite bike route is whichever one I do on a daily basis so I get to know it perfectly. I know which corner might be dirty, exactly where I should brake or where there might be pine cones or a patch of oil.’ – Giovanni Colle from Spaghetti Mafia

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