Bree Street


Bree Street

After moving back to Cape Town after living and working in Dubai I had built up a fascination with destination branding. In Dubai I had the chance to work with a few international branding companies, including Pentagram, Landor and Futurebrand on positioning the city and marketing massive real estate projects including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa and also Giorgio Armani Hotels. I wanted to start my own little destination brand project and see how far it would go. At that stage we were hanging at the old Caveau and &Union had just opened. I was really into a blog called which is a simple men’s fashion culture blog and I thought of promoting the Bree Street Brand with the same idea. A simple photographic blog with a lense on the streets premium feel. Over the years I’ve been documenting it’s food, fashion and craft culture and beautiful range of architecture. As a positioning statement I thought the simplest would be to start using the phrase  ‘Cape Town’s Hippest Street’.

In 5 years Bree Street has become a hugely successful destination that’s constantly featured in international publications. Wall Street Journal even adapted the line in a recent article ‘Cape Town’s Hippest Block’ .

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