The lost lands of Monwabisi


The Lost Land of Monwabisi

The lost lands of Monwabisi

On the fringes of Baden Powell Drive lies an instantiation of Apartheid planning. The separate but equal philosophy sculpted into structures of weathered patina. Sand banks and shrubbery cover a beach resort where the only real maintenance is performed by nature. For the economic migrants of nearby Khayelitsha, Monwabisi means ‘bringing joy’ and on weekends the retro pavilions and rusted steel gates welcome crowds to one of the deadliest rip currents of the Western Cape. There’s a cultural superstition about swimming in the still water of the tidal pool. Lifeguards myopically gaze through misty perspex over an Igers #paradise #capetown #instagramsofcapetown #picsoftheday #igerssouthafrica #whysomanyhashtagsallthetime

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