Grad Show


Grad Show

Grad Show

UCT Hiddingh campus is a where South African art starts spawn. It’s alumni list reads like a Christie’s bid sheet. Between buildings dripping in heritage the young slaves to the conceptual experiment with eccentric haircuts and reconstructed gender roles. Each year students who’ve had the four year luxury of sponsored identity questioning push out visual metaphors reflecting the South African mood. Tender white placards in clean sans serifs outline artist statements about the visually violent concepts formed in clean square spaces. We skim over the mandatory paragraphs about investigating and body of work to rather play intellectual roulette in whispers of “it’s about tension”, “it’s about her granny” or “it’s about post-colonial nations in a state of race violence so #KENTRIDGEMUSTFALL”. There’s powerful piece by Xanthe Somers called ‘the man who turned into a tree’ priced at R1500 but, unusually for good work, it’s the size of the work rather than the price that’s prohibitive. I’m making my own appropriation art by taking photos. Feeling very meta after two Eversons cloudy ciders.


Embroidered material between sheets of glass. Amy Spring.
RGB. Cameron Shefer Boswell. [ Installation Shot ]
The man who turned into a tree. Xanthe Somers.
Michael Goldsmith.
Book of domesticity. Michelle Aucamp.


The sound image. Jennalee Maitland.
Sand shapes. Xanthe Somers.
Gitte Moöller.


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