The Bree Street Bikers


The Bree Street Bikers

The Bree Street Bikers are a gang in Cape Town made from a group of our friends who are passionate about bikes and biker life. Our Headquarters is Jason’s Bakery on Bree Street and after getting high on flat whites we do outrides from Cape Town to some of the most amazing places in the Western Cape, Riebeek Kasteel in the Swartland and up the West Coast to Elands Bay for surf weekends. 

I designed our 3 headed snake logo and the over-zealous marketing types amongst started referring to it as trisector and wanted to commission brand values for each snake head. But we found it most useful when translated into a hand gesture to use in many creative and potentially rude combinations when passing each other on open roads. I was tempted to use some hipster geometry with the logo but in the end we decided to keep just the snakes. I don’t want to over prescribe the style guidelines, which reminds me of a great article by The New Yorker.  

One of my favourite rides is the Van Der Stel pass from Bot River to TheeWaterskloof Dam. After doing Sir Lowry’s Pass and Houk-Hoek pass, we usually stop for a beer at the Botriver Hotel before cruising one of the most amazing stretches of Dirt to Theewaterskloof. After the Dam it’s Franschoek pass back to Cape Town. I made a short video of a typical chilled sunday ride.

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